Material: Housing made of aluminium alloy with iridite NCP finish. Inner hub made of steel. For connecting to shafts with shaft misalignement. The construction is simple and basically consists of 4 or 6 clutch plates which are connected to the inner hub and held by the outer housing. Max. slip-speed 1000 rpm. Torsional backlash of the coupling below 2°. Torque range with 2 friction plates 2.4 Ncm to 53.8 Ncm. Torque range with 6 friction plates 7.8 Ncm to 132.4 Ncm. Maximum operating temperature 80°C. An adjusting ring - screwed to the outer body - serves to adjust the torque. Two sintered bearing sleeves serve as bearing housing to inner component. An O-ring seals the hub off against dirt.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
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Article ID: 61044300

No. of Clutch Disks [pcs]2
L [mm]46,5
L1 [mm]25
L2 [mm]8,6
D1 [mm]25,8
D2 [mm]-
Bore B +0,03/-0 Side1 [mm]6
Bore B +0,03/-0 Side 2 [mm]6
Adjustment Screw Size Seite 1M 3x3, 2x90º
Adjustment Screw Seite 2M 4x4, 2x90°
Weight [g]57
Matching Disk601 244 00

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