Material: Material: Sliding hub: steel, zinc-plated and chromated yellow, asbestos-free and rustproof friction pads. Elastic coupling: coupling hubs cast iron, insert (toothed ring) Polyurethane. Hardness 92° Shore (optional 98° Shore).

The slipping torque can be adjusted with common assembly tools for screws. The elastic coupling can be mounted in axial direction. Torque can be altered after mounting. By mounting a second disc spring, the torque range can be doubled (second spring has to be ordered separately). Customized bores and feather-key grooves and setscrew-threads available at extra charge. 1) above Ø 19 mm with flat keyway DIN 6885/3. * Essential for dimensioning. ** Nominal torque of the elastic coupling. *** Maximum torque of the elastic coupling.



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Article ID: 61220200

Torque Band Slip Clutch [Nm]20 - 75
Nominal Torque Clutch [Nm]95
d [w/o bore]10
d max. [mm]40
d2 max. [mm]25
DA [mm]98
D [mm]65
DH [mm]65
l1 [mm]35
E [mm]20
l2 [mm]58
LR [mm]52
L [mm]113
Weight [kg]2,134
Replacement-Gear Rim [Article-No.]60509228
Optional gear rim [98° Shore, red]60509828
Additional disc spring61210112

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