General data: Compact design for confined spaces. Ratios of i = approx. 3.55:1 to 50.85:1. Larger ratios on request. Input power of 1.2 to 10.3 kW Version A: With hollow shaft on output side = Standard. Version B: With torque arm. Version C: With flange on the output side. Version D: With foot mounting brackets, see drawing on PDF-catalog pages. Version E: With foot mounting brackets, see drawing on PDF-catalog pages. Version F: With single-sided solid output shaft. (Version B - F on request). Housing: Rigid, ribbed grey cast iron housing, thus quiet, lowvibration running characteristics. Fully sealed against oil leaks and protected against water jets. Gears: The helical gear wheels are made from heat-treated and case-hardened steel. The gearing is hardened and precisely machined. Bearing: Generously-dimensioned roller bearings. Input shaft/end shield: The shaft tolerances, and the flange adapters which can be delivered on request, are suited for IEC standard motors. Lubrication: The gear boxes are delivered ready for work, filled with the correct level of oil or grease (ambient temperature - 10°C to 50°C), which offers sufficient lubrication for about 10.000 operation hours, or for an operation period of max. 2 years. Before start up, the plastic plug must be taken out of the venting screw.



Betriebs / Wartungsanleitung


The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity TypeRatio iM2max
40032001   A3,55236394,810,3019,5
40032002   A3,80253368,310,3019,5
40032003   A4,09272342,610,3019,5
40032004   A4,41293317,610,3019,5
40032005   A4,77317293,410,3019,5
40032006   A5,19345269,910,3019,5
40032007   A5,67377247,010,3019,5
40032008   A6,12262228,86,6019,5
40032009   A6,65284210,46,6019,5
40032010   A7,27311192,66,6019,5
40032011   A7,65203182,94,1019,5
40032012   A8,15217171,84,1019,5
40032013   A8,69231161,04,1019,5
40032014   A9,30247150,64,1019,5
40032015   A9,97265140,54,1019,5
40032016   A10,72285130,74,1019,5
40032017   A11,56307121,14,1019,5
40032018   A12,51333111,94,1019,5
40032019   A13,60362102,94,1019,5
40032020   A14,8639594,24,1019,5
40032021   A16,2523286,12,2019,5
40032022   A17,2824681,02,2019,5
40032023   A18,4026276,12,2019,5
40032024   A19,6228071,32,2019,5
40032025   A20,9929966,72,2019,5
40032026   A22,5032162,22,2019,5
40032027   A24,1934557,92,2019,5
40032028   A26,0937253,72,2019,5
40032029   A28,2540049,62,2019,5
40032030   A30,7140045,62,0019,5
40032031   A33,5540041,71,8019,5
40032032   A34,1032441,01,5019,5
40032033   A36,6734838,21,5019,5
40032034   A39,5537635,41,5019,5
40032035   A42,8140032,71,4019,5
40032036   A46,5540030,11,3019,5
40032037   A50,8540027,51,2019,5

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