Material: Steel St40/50. The sprocket can be moved on the screw and thus be aligned with the chain. It is locked in the desired position with the nuts. The permanently lubricated 2-Z bearings are sealed on both sides and guarantee perfect running of the sprocket. Temperature range: -20° to +120°C.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
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Product Quantity DIN / ISO-Nr. Pitch
suitable for Clamping Element
No. of TeethPitch Circle Ø
14052101   06 B-23/8 x 7/321 und 21545,81M10550,15
14052501   08 B-21/2 x 5/161 und 21561,08M10700,40
14052601   10 B-25/8 x 3/831576,36M12800,60
14052701   12 B-23/4 x 7/1631591,63M12801,00
14052801   16 B-21" x 17,02 mm413106,14M201201,90

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