Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), white, with steel tensile member.

Good resistance against oil, fats and many chemicals. Temperature range -30º to +80ºC. T timing belts only run on T pulleys. Belts made of TPU can be welded to endless belts. When welded, the perm. tensile force is reduced to 50%.




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Product Quantity ProfileBelt Width
Roller Length max.
Admissible Pulling Force
Matching Clamping Plate
16060000   T 2,5650721516069900
16070000   T 2,510501202516079900
16260000   T 5101003302516269900
16270000   T 5161005284016279900
16280000   T 5251008256316289900
16287000   T 53210010568016289800
16288000   T 550100165012616289901
16460000   T 101610012487716469900
16470000   T 1025100195012016479900
16480000   T 1032100249615416489900
16485500   T 1040100312019316489901
16486000   T 1050100390024016499900
16490000   T 10100100780048016499901
16560000   T 20501007480395-
16570000   T 207510011220585-
16580000   T 2010010018480780-

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