Material: high-quality steel The clamping bush consists of a double-walled steel sleeve filled with a pressure medium, and a flange part. Inside the flange there is a screw and a piston with seal to build up compression. Function: When the thrust screw is tightened, the sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub, creating a rigid connection through frictional force. When the thrust screw is loosened, the bush returns to its initial position and can be easily disassembled. Concentricity: 0,02 mm. Tolerances: Shaft h7 for d = 15 mm. Shaft k6-h7 for d = 19, 22, 24, 28 and 38 mm. Shaft h8 for the other diametres d. Hub H7. MN = transmittable torque at load of 0. If the screws are fastened with Manz. Fa = transmittable axial force at torque of 0. If the screws are fastened with Manz. Fr = Maximum transmittable radial force. Manz = required fastening torque for the screws. * with coated surface Temperature range: -30° to +85°C.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity d
Transferable Torque MN
Transferable Axial Force Fa
Transferable Radialkraft Fr
Bolts DIN 915, 12.9* SizePN
Bolts DIN 915, 12.9* Manz
61591500   1518463925466,10,590M107015,1550,16
61591587   15,87519474026536,70,590M107015,6550,17
61591900   192350,54228858,9190M107017,4550,2
61591905   19,052350,54228858,9190M107017,4550,2
61592000   202451,5443011011190M107018550,21
61592200   222755,54632130111,290M107019,3550,25
61592400   242957,54733190151,490M107020,3550,27
61592500   2530584935230181,590M107020,8550,27
61592540   25,431594935190151,590M107021,2550,29
61592800   2834635238280201,890M107022,6550,34
61593000   303664,5544038025290M107023,6550,35
61593175   31,753968,55642430272,290M107024,8550,42
61593200   323968,55642440272,290M107024,8550,42
61593500   3542735945640362,590M107026,4550,48
61593800   384684,57252890462,890M1670318210,84
61594000   404886,57555110055390M1670328210,88
61594500   45549378581400623,590M167034,88211,05
61594800   4859977959170057490M167036,88211,21
61595000   506098,580601900764,590M167037,58211,20
61596000   6073115,590703300905,390M167043,38211,85

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