Material: Up to D1 = 28 mm hubs made of brass, chromated and passivated. From D1 = 41,4 mm aluminium alloy with iridite NCP finish. Torque ring made of black polyacetal. These unique, zero backlash, general purpose couplings provide electrical insulation. They are designed for the lower torque range and offer generous angular and radial misalignment compensation. Their axial stiffness is unique and they can anchor unrestricted shafts or perform light push/pull duties Applications: puls-triggered drive units (e.g. stepper motors, transducers, engine speed sensors, potentiometers). Temperature range: -20ºC to +60ºC. 1) At lower speeds the couplings can compensate up to +/-1 mm radial and 10º angular displacement. The sizes D1 = 19 and D1 = 28 only 5 degrees. 2) Operating factors for couplings HU and HB (without shaft displacement): Load Period - Operating Factor short term - 1 1 hour per day - 1,5 3 hours per day - 2 6 hours per day - 3 12 hours per day - 4



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

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Product Quantity Torque max.
Stat. Breaking Torque
Bore B +0,03/-0
Max. Displacement at 3000 rpm
Max. Displacement at 3000 rpm
Torsional Rigidity
60110300   0,30,9319,15,17,019,120,202511
60110400   0,30,9419,15,17,019,120,202511
60110600   0,30,9619,15,17,019,120,202511
60110800   1,75,0425,46,99,328,020,209226
60110900   1,75,0625,46,99,328,020,209226
60111000   1,75,0825,46,99,328,020,209226
60111400   3,510,5838,111,213,541,420,2529940
60111500   3,510,51038,111,213,541,420,2529940
60111600   3,510,51238,111,213,541,420,2529940
60111700   3,510,51638,111,213,541,420,2529930

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