Material: Aluminium clamp hubs, stainless steel bellow. Zero backlash, with high torsional stiffness. For machine tools, packing machines, textile machines, linear drives etc.. With clamps, ready-to-install for rapid mounting. Temperature range of all types -30°C to +120°C. 1) Standard bores. 2) Different bores (even one-sided) up to max bore as well feather keyways, available against surcharge.Please regard the operating factors. See PDF-catalog page.



Zusätzliche Informationen


The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity TypeTorque max.
Bore B H7 1)
Bore max.2)
Interference Ø3)
max. Misalignment Angular
max. Misalignment Radial
max. Misalignment Axial
Recommended max. Speed
Torsional Rigidity
Weight approx.
60154610   MCK - kurz181025,46319,545481,50,20,51280020000200
60154611   MCK - kurz181125,46319,545481,50,20,51280020000200
60154614   MCK - kurz181425,46319,545481,50,20,51280020000200
60154619   MCK - kurz181925,46319,545481,50,20,51280020000200
60154624   MCK - kurz182425,46319,545481,50,20,51280020000200
60154625   MCK - kurz182525,46319,545481,50,20,51280020000200
60155610   MCK - kurz3010306524,556-1,50,150,61030038000270
60155611   MCK - kurz3011306524,556-1,50,150,61030038000270
60155614   MCK - kurz3014306524,556-1,50,150,61030038000270
60155619   MCK - kurz3019306524,556-1,50,150,61030038000270
60155624   MCK - kurz3024306524,556-1,50,150,61030038000270
60155625   MCK - kurz3025306524,556-1,50,150,61030038000270
60156614   MCK - kurz6014357929,066671,50,150,6870075000500
60156619   MCK - kurz6019357929,066671,50,150,6870075000500
60156624   MCK - kurz6024357929,066671,50,150,6870075000500
60156628   MCK - kurz6028357929,066671,50,150,6870075000500
60156632   MCK - kurz6032357929,066671,50,150,6870075000500
60156635   MCK - kurz6035357929,066671,50,150,6870075000500

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