Material: Hubs 11 SMn Pb 37, from Ø 55 mm CK45. Spring: Spring steel type C. These couplings are elastic all-metal couplings and completely maintenance free. The all-metal design leads to a strong resistance against oil and higher temperatures: -40°C to +100°C. The elastic part consists of a spring body, made up of three layers of wound springs welded into the connecting hubs. The couplings are suitable for both rotating directions. They can be locked against rotation with a feather key or with pins. The couplings are pressfitted. Demounting is done by pressing or pulling off. Vibrations and shocks are largely absorbed. Depending on the length of the coupling - S, L or Db - bending of 3 - 6° or axial displacement of 3 - 6% of the nominal shaft diametre are possible. Couplings are available pre-drilled ex stock. Customized bores and feather-key grooves available at surcharge.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity Torque max.
TypeMateriald Pilot Bore
d max. f. Pin
d max. f. Keyway
Speed max.
60201600   2,5SStahl2,5610251715,58200000,032
60201700   2,5MStahl2,5610301715,58200000,036
60201800   2,5LStahl2,5610351715,58200000,039
60200500   5SStahl3,512835211910150000,065
60200600   5MStahl3,512845211910150000,075
60200700   5LStahl3,512850211910150000,080
60201000   10SStahl5,5151250262415120000,130
60201100   10MStahl5,5151260262415120000,150
60201200   10LStahl5,5151270262415120000,170
60201300   10SStahl5,5191450302815100000,170
60201400   10MStahl5,5191460302815100000,190
60201500   10LStahl5,5191470302815100000,210
60202000   20SStahl5,520166535322090000,310
60202100   20MStahl5,520168035322090000,360
60202200   20LStahl5,520169035322090000,390
60202300   20SStahl5,525196538362030000,350
60202400   20MStahl5,525198038362030000,400
60202500   20LStahl5,525199038362030000,430
60204000   40SStahl5,527208045402570000,650
60204100   40MStahl5,527209545402570000,710
60204200   40LStahl5,5272011045402570000,790
60204300   40SStahl5,531248048452570000,690
60204400   40MStahl5,531249548452570000,770
60204500   40LStahl5,5312411048452570000,850
60209000   90SStahl5,5342510055503160001,190
60209100   90MStahl5,5342512055503160001,340
60209200   90LStahl5,5342514055503160001,500
60211000   90SStahl5,5352810055523160001,140
60211100   90MStahl5,5352812055523160001,290
60211200   90LStahl5,5352814055523160001,460
60215000   150SStahl5,5403012565603750002,070
60215100   150MStahl5,5403015065603750002,350
60215200   150LStahl5,5403017565603750002,650
60222000   220SStahl5,5453515075704445003,350
60222100   220MStahl5,5453518075704445003,870
60222200   220LStahl5,5453521075704445004,350
60230000   300SStahl21,0504017080755030004,160
60230100   300MStahl21,0504020080755030004,690
60230200   300LStahl21,0504024080755030005,390
60250000   500SStahl24,06450210100956215008,080
60250100   500MStahl24,06450250100956215009,180
60250200   500LStahl24,064503001009562150010,650

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