• Sealing type: liquid (silicon, black).
  • Flange type: flexible.
  • Curing process: air humidity.
  • Non sticky: 20 min
  • Temperature resistance: + 200°C.
  • Instant sealing effect: excellent.
  • Oil resistance: excellent.
  • Water/glycol resistance: medium.

Permanently elastic flange sealant for non torsionally rigid flange seals. Low odour, little gas emission. Curing at room temperature. High resistance to vibration. Can also be used on plastic parts. Bondline gap to 6 mm. Applications Sealing of non torsionally rigid flanges which require high oil and vibration resistance, e.g. aluminium oil baths and controller housing covers. Ordering details: e.g.: Product No. 140 734 07, Loctite 5910, Cont. 50 ml





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Product Quantity Volume
Container TypeWeight
14073407   50Kartusche100
14073408   300Kartusche453

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