Material: Base: plastic (polyamide), glass-fibre reinforced, matt finish black. Bolt: steel, strength class 5.8., zinc plated, chromated. Rubber pad: NBR (perbunan) 70° Shore hardness, black. Type A: without rubber pad. Type AG: with rubber pad. The feet is slightly stepped. This makes it look good and easy to clean. Due to the use of a high grade plastic material and their shape (ribbed base), that serves to spread the weight over a larger area, the feet have a high load bearing capacity. The rubber pad is fixed to the base with four pins/bores. The rubber pad levels out slightly uneven ground and makes the foot non-slip.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity Shaped1
Ball Ø
Stat. Load N*
65530100   A60M10433223141414000
65530200   A60M10683223141414000
65530300   A60M10983223141414000
65530400   A60M12433223141414000
65530500   A60M12683223141414000
65530600   A60M12983223141414000
65531100   A60M16683223161414000
65531200   A60M161083223161414000
65531300   A60M161483223161414000
65531400   A80M16683223161416000
65531500   A80M161083223161416000
65531600   A80M161483223161416000
65532100   A80M20984223242418000
65532200   A80M201384223242418000
65532300   A80M201584223242418000
65532400   A100M20984223242425000
65532500   A100M201384223242425000
65532600   A100M201584223242425000
65532700   A100M24984223242425000
65532800   A100M241584223242425000
65532900   A100M241984223242425000
65533100   AG60M10433223141414000
65533200   AG60M10683223141414000
65533300   AG60M10983223141414000
65533400   AG60M12433223141414000
65533500   AG60M12683223141414000
65533600   AG60M12983223141414000
65534100   AG60M16683223161414000
65534200   AG60M161083223161414000
65534300   AG60M161483223161414000
65534400   AG80M16683223161416000
65534500   AG80M161083223161416000
65534600   AG80M161483223161416000
65535100   AG80M20984223242418000
65535200   AG80M201384223242418000
65535300   AG80M201584223242418000
65535400   AG100M20984223242425000
65535500   AG100M201384223242425000
65535600   AG100M201584223242425000
65535700   AG100M24984223242425000
65535800   AG100M241584223242425000
65535900   AG100M241984223242425000

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