Material: Shock absorber and accessories: Steel, black oxide finish. Button: hardened. Piston rod: hardened, stainless steel. Miniature shock absorbers are maintenance-free, self-contained, hydraulic elements. The adjustable miniature shock absorbers can be perfectly set up for the respective application. They include an integrated mechanical stop. Due to the long stroke length, the unit offers smooth deceleration and low reaction forces. These shock absorbers are ideal for absorbing fast movements in small linear units, handling modules, robotics systems and other applications. Adjustment: by turning the adjustment screw. After installation, cycle the machine a few times, turning the adjustment screw until optimum deceleration is achieved. Impact velocity range: 0.3 up to 3.6 m/s. W4 capacity rating (max. energy per hour) is possible, if the unit is turned off from time to time or the shock absorber is cooled with cylinder exhaust air. Mounting: in any position. Permissible temperature range: 0ºC up to 66ºC.




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Product Quantity L1
SW Wrench Width
Head Shapemax. Energy Absorption per Stroke W3
max. Energy Absorption per Hour W4
Effective Weight me Adjustable min.
Effective Weight me Adjustable max.
Spring Force
Piston Reset Time
max. Variation of Axis
69003000   4813,14,1383,26,4M8x110A3,556500,23151 - 50,3225
69005000   5014,95,1473,27,7M10x112A5,551004,5203 - 60,3230
69003500   661855103,27,7M12x114A460005,9575 - 110,2243
69015000   7022,57,5612,54,812M14x1,517B22350001,01093 - 50,45*60
69022500   883013,58194,817M20x1,523C25450002,32265 - 100,12*130
69060000   106,636,416,51025,46,323M25x1,530C68680009,0136010 - 300,22*310
69090000   1385116,510406,323M25x1,530C1009000014204010 - 350,41400

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