Material: Handle: zinc die-cast. Threaded stud and locking screw: Steel, black oxide finish. Handle: Plastic coated, colour black RAL 9005. Disengaged by pulling. Version G = Handle slanted, with metric-threaded stud. The clamping levers 120 have two main advantages: 1) As they are adjustable, they are very versatile in use. 2) They are designed to suit the form and appearance of modern industrial products. The threaded insert is connected to the lever via the serration and can be released by pulling Note: This clamping lever has proven ideal wherever the swivel range is limited or where a specific lever position is most convenient for the operator. The lever also features a modern design. By pulling the lever, the serrations are disengaged. Now the handle can be turned into any direction and the threaded insert can be screwed in or out by turning the locking screw. When the lever is released, the serration re-engages automatically because of the spring tension.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity d1
Snap-In Travel h4
66575512   14M 51210,025,04,5353,54537
66575516   14M 51610,025,04,5353,54538
66575520   14M 52010,025,04,5353,54539
66575525   14M 52510,025,04,5353,54539
66575532   14M 53210,025,04,5353,54540
66575616   18M 61613,531,06,5454,06276
66575620   18M 62013,531,06,5454,06277
66575625   18M 62513,531,06,5454,06280
66575632   18M 63213,531,06,5454,06281
66575640   18M 64013,531,06,5454,06282
66575816   18M 81613,531,06,5454,06278
66575820   18M 82013,531,06,5454,06280
66575825   18M 82513,531,06,5454,06281
66575832   18M 83213,531,06,5454,06287
66575840   18M 84013,531,06,5454,06289
66576020   22M 102016,036,08,0524,074132
66576025   22M 102516,036,08,0524,074136
66576032   22M 103216,036,08,0524,074137
66576040   22M 104016,036,08,0524,074143
66576050   22M 105016036,08,0524,074148
66576225   25M 122519,043,011,0634,089203
66576232   25M 123219,043,011,0634,089206
66576240   25M 124019,043,011,0634,089214
66576250   25M 125019,043,011,0634,089219
66576632   30M 163223,050,512,0765,0108362
66576640   30M 164023,050,512,0765,0108373
66576650   30M 165023,050,512,0765,0108386

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