Material: Steel C 45. Max. Operating Angle 45°. The cardan joints KE are, other than the cardan joints with needle-roller bearing, only sliding-contact bearings. Their scope of application is therefore limited to slow running drives. The respective maximum speeds depend on operating angle and load, but must never exceed 1000 rpm. The maximum torque values listed in the table are limits, which must neither be exceeded. They may only be used to their full extend with intermittent operation or at low speed. The following limit applies: The product of speed (rpm) x working angle (degrees) may not exceed the reference number 500. This means, e.g., for a working angle of 10 degrees a max. speed of 50 rpm. If, however, the maximum torque is not taken to the limit, speed and working angle can be larger. At 0.5 x max. torque applies: speed x working angle, smaller or equal 4.000. In case of doubt choose larger joint. At continuous operation the cardan joints need to be sufficiently lubricated. If no drip-feed lubrication is possible, lubricate the joints at least once a day. Another possibility is to cover the joints with a bellow, filled with a suitable lubricant.

Typ A: without bores. Type B: with bores. Type N: with bores and keyways DIN 6885-1 on both sides.



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Product Quantity Typed1H7
Torque max.
63001000   A-1010,51240--20,020
63001300   A-1314,01242--60,035
63001600   A-1617,51552--80,067
63002000   A-2021,51862--200,138
63002500   A-2526,52274--300,230
63003200   A-3233,52586--600,440
63004000   A-4042,032108--1600,880
63005000   A-5052,540132--2901,710
63006300   A-6364,050166--5503,070
63011000   B61010,51240--20,014
63011300   B81314,01242--60,024
63011600   B101617,51552--80,047
63012000   B122021,51862--200,089
63012500   B162526,52274--300,160
63013200   B203233,52586--600,310
63014000   B254042,032108--1600,625
63015000   B325052,540132--2901,200
63016300   B406364,050166--5502,400
63011300N   N81314,012422960,024
63011600N   N101617,51552311,480,047
63012000N   N122021,51862413,8200,089
63012500N   N162526,52274518,3300,16
63013200N   N203233,52586622,8600,31
63014000N   N254042,032108828,31600,63
63015000N   N325052,5401321035,32901,20
63016300N   N406364,0501661243,35502,40

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