Material: Steel C45, black oxide finish. Screw steel 12.9.

Typ B1: With two axial mounting bores.
Typ B2: With two axial mounting bores, with sunk holes for cylindrical cap screws DIN 912.

The thread of the screw DIN 912 is covered with a layer of nylon.
Tolerance b: +0.08mm / -0.25mm. Temperature range: -40ºC to +175ºC.

* Fitting screw size for B1.
** Fitting screw size for B2.

Features: does not damage the shaft, stronger clamping force than with set collars, even distribution of clamping forces,
easy readjustment, precision honed bores.

Remarks to collars from steel: The black oxide on the clamping collars is formulated as part of the total performance of the product.
It enhances the holding ability of the collar, it efficiently reduces slipping on the shaft, has anti-stick-slip characteristics and helps to
keep the torque rating of the screw within its designed parameters. The oxide layer also provides corrosion protection.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity AusführungØ d1
Ø d2
DIN 912
62311000B1   B11028-9M3 x 10193,5M33,0M2,532
62311200B1   B1123031,811M4 x 12214,5M43,5M343
62311400B1   B1143233,911M4 x 14234,5M43,5M348
62311500B1   B1153639,413M5 x 1625,55,5M54,5M471
62311600B1   B1163839,413M5 x 16275,5M54,5M481
62311800B1   B1184041,213M5 x 16295,5M54,5M489
62312000B1   B1204246,415M6 x 16315,5M54,5M4107
62312200B1   B1224648,115M6 x 16346,5M65,5M5128
62312500B1   B1254850,815M6 x 1636,56,5M65,5M5132
62312800B1   B12854-15M6 x 16416,5M65,5M5172
62313000B1   B1305658,615M6 x 18436,5M65,5M5176
62313200B1   B1325858,615M6 x 18456,5M65,5M5190
62313500B1   B1356061,615M6 x 1847,56,5M65,5M5196
62314000B1   B14066-15M6 x 18536,5M65,5M5225
62314500B1   B1457679,419M8 x 2560,58,5M86,5M6379
62315000B1   B1508284,219M8 x 25668,5M86,5M6428
62311000B2   B21028-9M3 x 10193,5M33,0M2,532
62311200B2   B2123031,811M4 x 12214,5M43,5M343
62311400B2   B2143233,911M4 x 14234,5M43,5M348
62311500B2   B2153639,413M5 x 1625,55,5M54,5M471
62311600B2   B2163839,413M5 x 16275,5M54,5M481
62311800B2   B2184041,213M5 x 16295,5M54,5M489
62312000B2   B2204246,415M6 x 16315,5M54,5M4107
62312200B2   B2224648,115M6 x 16346,5M65,5M5128
62312500B2   B2254850,815M6 x 1636,56,5M65,5M5132
62312800B2   B22854-15M6 x 16416,5M65,5M5172
62313000B2   B2305658,615M6 x 18436,5M65,5M5176
62313200B2   B2325858,615M6 x 18456,5M65,5M5190
62313500B2   B2356061,615M6 x 1847,56,5M65,5M5196
62314000B2   B24066-15M6 x 18536,5M65,5M5225
62314500B2   B2457679,419M8 x 2560,58,5M86,5M6379
62315000B2   B2508284,219M8 x 25668,5M86,5M6428

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