Material: Up to a Teeth Number of 72 phosphated steel, from a Teeth Number of 80 phosphated grey cast iron GG25.

The functionability of a belt drive is largely influenced by the quality of the used pulley. HTD pulleys are precision components, manufactured pitch-true with special cutters. This leads to a precise meshing of teeth.



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The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity No. of TeethTypeBelt Width
Outer Ø Toothed Wheel
Outer Ø Flanged Wheel
Pilot Bore B
Max. Pilot Bore B
17411100   221F2054,656056,02432838-12250,535
17411200   241F2059,746661,12452838-12280,645
17411250   251F2062,296663,66452838-12280,693
17411300   261F2064,847166,21482838-12300,753
17411400   281F2070,087571,30502838-14300,859
17411500   301F2075,128376,39552838-14321,02
17411600   321F2080,178781,49602838-14351,198
17411700   341F2085,219186,58662838-14421,36
17411800   361F2090,309791,67702838-14421,55
17411900   381F2095,3910396,77752838-14451,74
17412000   401F20100,49106101,86752838-14451,90
17412200   441F20110,67119112,05752838-14452,27
17412400   481F20120,86127122,23752838-14452,66
17412800   562F20141,23148142,6080283811614452,85
17413200   642F20161,60168162,9780283813714453,28
17413600   722F20181,97192183,3580283815814453,82
17414000   80320202,35-203,7290283818014504,32
17414500   90320227,81-229,1890283820414505,04
17415600   112320283,83-285,2190283825418756,00

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