Material: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), white, with steel tensile member.

Good resistance against oil, fats and many chemicals. Temperature range -30º to +80ºC. AT timing belts only run on AT pulleys. Belts made of TPU can be welded to endless belts. When welded, the perm. tensile force is reduced to 50%.




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Product Quantity ProfileBelt Width
Roller Length max.
Admissible Pulling Force
Matching Clamping Plate
16660000   AT 5101007003416669900
16670000   AT 51610011205516679900
16680000   AT 52510017508516689900
16687000   AT 532100224011016689800
16688000   AT 550100350017016689901
16860000   AT 1016100208010116869900
16870000   AT 1025100325015816879900
16880000   AT 1032100416020216889900
16883000   AT 1040100520025316889901
16886000   AT 1050100650031616899900
16890000   AT 101001001300063216899901
16960000   AT 205010011200493-
16970000   AT 207510016800740-
16980000   AT 2010010024800987-

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