Material: Steel.

- For fixing a hub on a shaft. - QPQ coated: High corrosion resistance, improved fatigue strength, primarily food safe (further information see below). - For medium torques. - Self-centering. - Slight axial offset possible during assembly.

Fit, Surface: Due to the special design of the BAR clamping set even rough fits can be bridged with excellent self centering capacity. Shaft and hub up to Quality h8/H8. Surface finish for shaft and hub 12µm.

QPQ Surface Properties: Very good corrosion resistance, better than hard chrome or chem. nickel. Corrosion resistance in the salt spray test SS CASS in accordance with DIN 50021. Layer thickness of 10 - 25 µm possible. For medium operational demands we recommend a layer thickness of 15 µm at a 90 minute treatment. Only very small changes in dimensions (only 5 µm), as the surface modification is achieved through diffusion and not application. Surface hardness same as clamping set material = 350 HV. Improved wear resistance, no fretting corrosion, no cold shut. Increased endurance strength, sometimes up to 100% higher. Is completely safe to use with food as long as there is no contact with any acidic substances with a pH-value of = 4.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity d
M t (transferable at MA)
P ax (at MA transferable)
Surface Pressure Shaft PW
Surface Pressure Hub PN
No. of Clamping BoltsClamping Bolts SizeTightening Torque TA
61570500   5161113,562150553M2,5 x 101,20,012
61570600   6161113,593184693M2,5 x 101,20,012
61570635   6,35161113,5103180723M2,5 x 101,20,012
61570800   8181113,5123141623M2,5 x 101,20,015
61570900   9201315,5174132604M2,5 x 121,20,020
61571000   10201315,5194120604M2,5 x 121,20,019
61571100   11221315,5214108544M2,5 x 121,20,024
61571200   12221315,5244102554M2,5 x 121,20,022
61571400   14261720,040694504M3 x 162,10,039
61571500   15281720,044693504M3 x 162,10,044
61571600   16321721,08610158794M4 x 164,90,067
61571700   17352125,08810116564M4 x 204,90,090
61571800   18352125,09411110574M4 x 204,90,087
61571900   19352125,09911104564M4 x 204,90,080
61572000   20382126,017917169894M5 x 20100,100
61572200   22402126,018718146904M5 x 20100,110
61572500   25472632,030024147784M6 x 2516,50,190
61573000   30552632,051034174956M6 x 2516,50,270
61573500   35603137,0820471721008M6 x 3016,50,336
61573800   38653137,088047157928M6 x 3016,50,430
61574000   40653137,0100050171998M6 x 3016,50,400
61575000   50803644,02150891901188M8 x 3540,00,700

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