Material: Bearing steel.

Standard tapered roller bearings in high quality.
- For common axial and radial load.
- Usable for low speed to middle speed.
- Easy to mount (the outer ring is loose).

Temperature range: -30°C to +90°C (for short time up to +110°C).

Other versions or other bearing types on request.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity SKF-Label
Load Rating dyn. C
Load Rating stat. C0
Maximum Speed
30302-MAE   30302154214,2515,714,01260098
30203-MAE   30203174013,2513,313,21260081
30303-MAE   32004X174715,2519,717,511200133
32004X-MAE   32004X20421516,918,911200102
30204-MAE   30204204715,2519,319,610500127
30304-MAE   30304205216,2523,922,89800179
32005X-MAE   32005X25471518,922,89800118
30205-MAE   30205255216,2521,623,59100156
30305-MAE   30305256218,2531,230,18400273
32006X-MAE   32006X30551725,130,88400177
30206-MAE   30206306217,2528,130,87700236
30306-MAE   30306307220,7539,339,27000411
32007X-MAE   32007X35621834,337,87700231
30207-MAE   30207357218,2535,839,26650344
30307-MAE   30307358022,7550,551,56300527
32008X-MAE   32008X40681937,049,76650282
30208-MAE   30208408019,7543,147,65950434
30308-MAE   30308409025,2560,166,55600757
32009X-MAE   32009X45752040,856,05950354
30209-MAE   30209458520,7546,253,65600502
30309-MAE   303094510027,2575,684,049001010
32010X-MAE   32010X50802042,461,65600389
30210-MAE   30210509021,7543,664,15250566
30310-MAE   303105011029,25100,198,044101320

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