General data: 3 Designs, 6 standard version, and many further variations available as multi-shaft gearboxes, please enquire. Also available in corrosion-proof and NO-TOX version for the food processing and pharmaceutic industry. Housing: Thick-walled grey cast iron, fully sealed against oil leaks and protected against dust. Due to the cube shape, all 6 sides of the gear box can be used as mounting surfaces. The diameters l1 and l2 are provided for use as alignment studs. Gearing: Hardened bevel gears, lapped in pairs Special transmission ratios available on request. Bearing System: Generously dimensioned roller bearings, rein- forced bearings on request. Lubrication: The gearboxes are fully enclosed, lubricated for life and maintenance free. On request, the gearboxes can also be supplied with oil change lubrication or NO-TOX lubrication for the food industry. If the gearbox is used at higher speeds (see table) venting must be provided. For this purpose, please state the mounting position (downward-facing side) and operating time. Model K: Input side A: Ratio for gearing up. Input side C: Transmission ratio for gearing down.



Betriebs / Wartungsanleitung


The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity SizeTypeInput Shaft d1
Output Shaft d2
Rim Length b
max. T2 at 33 min -1
max. T2 at 167 min -1
max. T2 at 333 min -1
max. T2 at 500 min -1
max. T2 at 667 min -1
max. T2 at 1000 min -1
max. T2 at 2000 min -1
max. P1 at 50 min -1
max. P1 at 250 min -1
max. P1 at 500 min -1
max. P1 at 750 min -1
max. P1 at 1000 min -1
max. P1 at 1500 min -1
max. P1 at 3000 min -1
41200101   010121265181715131211100,070,310,550,720,881,212,22,5
41200201   020121265181715131211100,070,310,550,720,881,212,22,5
41200401   110181890454037353229250,160,741,361,932,353,25,515,5
41200501   120181890454037353229250,160,741,361,932,353,25,515,5
41200701   2102525120113108105948678610,411,993,855,186,328,613,4512
41200801   2202525120113108105948678610,411,993,855,186,328,613,4512
41201001   251035351603553303152952802521851,296,0711,5616,2620,5927,7840,7824
41201101   252035351603553303152952802521851,296,0711,5616,2620,5927,7840,7824
41201301   301042422007506906155505054373302,7312,722,5730,3137,1348,1772,7548
41201401   302042422007506906155505054373302,7312,722,5730,3137,1348,1772,7548

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