Material: Steel zinc-plated. Design A: with split pin.

Thread: Gewindeausführung rechts = thread right-handed. Gewindeausführung links = thread left-handed.

Gabelkopf mit ES-Bolzen als Gabelgelenk verwendbar.

* Größe 20 ist nicht in der DIN enthalten.




The supplied 3D models, pictures and technical drawings are made with reasonable care.
Nevertheless liability is excluded for the accuracy and correctness of this data.

( Available from stock without engagement / available within short time / Delivery period by arrangement. Please contact us. )

Product Quantity TypeSize
Thread Slope
63700100   rechts4 x 8844M40,7881615456
63700200   rechts4 x 16844M40,78162415458
63700300   rechts5 x 101055M50,891020249910
63700400   rechts5 x 201055M50,892030249914
63700500   rechts6 x 121266M61,0101224353716
63700600   rechts6 x 241266M61,0102436353723
63700700   rechts8 x 161688M81,25141632644138
63700800   rechts8 x 321688M81,25143248644155
63700900   rechts10 x 20201010M101,51820401020880
63701000   rechts10 x 40201010M101,518406010208120
63701100   rechts12 x 24241212M121,7520244812139125
63701200   rechts12 x 48241212M121,7520487212139180
63701300   rechts14 x 28271414M142,024285616560190
63701400   rechts14 x 56271414M142,024568516560265
63701500   rechts16 x 32321616M162,026326422608300
63701600   rechts16 x 64321616M162,026649622608430
63702000   rechts20 x 40402020M202,5344080680
63710100   links4 x 8844M40,7881615456
63710200   links4 x 16844M40,78162415458
63710300   links5 x 101055M50,891020249910
63710400   links5 x 201055M50,892030249914
63710500   links6 x 121266M61,0101224353716
63710600   links6 x 241266M61,0102436353723
63710700   links8 x 161688M81,25141632644138
63710800   links8 x 321688M81,25143248644155
63710900   links10 x 20201010M101,51820401020880
63711000   links10 x 40201010M101,518406010208120
63711100   links12 x 24241212M121,7520244812139125
63711200   links12 x 48241212M121,7520487212139180
63711300   links14 x 28271414M142,024285616560190
63711400   links14 x 56271414M142,024568516560265
63711500   links16 x 32321616M162,026326422608300
63711600   links16 x 64321616M162,026649622608430
63712000   links20 x 40402020M202,5344080680

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